The Slot Mobile Slot Review (Probability)

The Slot screenshot

Slot machines get their name from the long antiquated process of dropping a coin into a vertical slot to prime the machine for play. The Slot mobile slots game from Probability travels far afield from that origin story – bringing players instead a bloody horror show.

The Slot is a five-reel mobile slots game with 25 paylines. The minimum admission requirement to this horror show is 0.05 coins and can spill as many as a full 1.00 coin per line up a maximum bet of 25 pounds per spin. There is no progressive jackpot in the game since no one is likely to live long enough to collect it. The in-game jackpots will bring as much as £6,000 if you think you be able to escape long enough to spend it. An Auto Spin option is available to tap to give you a chance to play while running.


If you have seen it in a horror movie you are likely to encounter it again in The Slot. There is a chainsaw and a meat cleaver and a hockey mask. Eyeballs are floating around and so are severed digits. Meat hooks are dripping with blood and hair is being raised at every turn. The screen is dark and foreboding, illuminated only when iridescent blood stains emit light. The high definition graphics serve The Slot extremely well.


Many of The Slot icons begin paying with only two on a payline and the pay table runs up to as high as 3000X your stake in basic play.

The smiling Innocent Victim is the Wild and she will bravely substitute for any of the other symbols if it means bringing you a winning combination on an active payline. Quite a little lady there!

However when she gets scared enough to have her hair turn white she turns into the Scatter racing around the reels in fear. If she comes out of hiding three times she awards six free spins, if she flushes into the open four times it means eight free games and if she is completely exposed five times all over the reels she awards ten free spins in what may likely be her last act in this world. All the prize awards are doubled during bonus play which i how that jackpot of 6,000 pounds can be realised. Just when you thought it was safe to return to the reels.