Fisticuffs (Touch) Mobile Slot Review

Fisticuffs Touch Screenshot

Fisticuffs is a roll back to some old school boxing. The slot is set in the 1900’s where boxing was primarily for the upper socialites of the era taken part by gentlemen. Oh, how times change! Nonetheless, the game includes a 5 reel, 10 line payout and should appeal to a number of sports fans, particularly, boxing.

The game includes a reasonable amount of features, without really seeing NetEnt push their all but very capable boundaries in this area. But the inclusion of win both ways line, a boxing feature re-spin and wilds that remain on screen certainly do add to the entertainment in the mobile slot.


Even from the name, Fisticuffs, you immediately get a feel for a real old school fight. The words actually really cool, and the mind boggles why more people don’t use it this day and age. You get a sense of two blokes standing toe to toe, moustaches ‘n all, hands in front of their chin, shouting ‘stick ‘em up’. This may seem a little farcical, but you want your mobile slot to paint a picture and really set a theme, and that’s what Fisticuffs does brilliantly.

The app looks pretty good, although the retro images d look a little faded, for want of a better word. But, this could well be the illusion they were going for. The sounds are brilliant though and the inclusion of the bell ring really adds to its authenticity.


The bonus feature is the best part of the whole app by a mile. It’s not simply because this is where you are going to make your money, although this does help, it’s the inclusion of two hilariously designed boxers of contrasting sizes that start to fight. This fight can take place when they are either directly opposite each other or situated diagonally across the board from one another.

The fight is essentially taking place to bring up your wilds bonus. This means you will have between 3 and 5 wild cards at your disposal which will qualify for a number of re-spins. Unfortunately you don’t get any multipliers on this game and the lack of a free spins round is disappointing really with this section being great, but it needs to be alongside another feature.

That being said, Fisticuffs is a really good fun slot. The 100,000 coin jackpot will appeal to most who play, but the frequency in which you get into the bonus rounds is a little on the low side for our likening. The game does yield a friendly 96.7% win rate but it does lack the excitement, features and longevity of say some of NetEnt’s more feature packed mobile slots.