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Chinese New Year

The first day of the Chinese lunar calendar has been a time to honour ancestors and various deities around family gatherings for hundreds of years. Festivals often run until the… more

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Gypsy Rose

The vagaries of fortune are ever present in the mobile slots world and Betsoft Gaming turns to the tried and true mysticism of the fortune teller with the introduction of… more

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Highway Kings

You are sitting two stories up with 80,000 pounds of raw power under your seat jamming the gears of your rig and master of all you see on the endless… more

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Extra Cash!!

The decade is the 1930s. The world is in an economic depression. Radio is just getting started and most people still get their news from newspapers. Some cities have a… more

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Football Carnival

Let us see, take the world’s biggest sporting event and the world’s biggest party and mash them together into a mobile slots game and you have Playtech’s Football Carnival. As… more

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Treasure Palace

In June of 2011 an exploratory team of former judges and temple officials, none of whom would make anyone forget Indiana Jones, uncovered gold and jewels stuffed into six underground… more

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Football Star

A mobile slots game called Football Star that is not all about George Best? Hard to fathom but Microgaming’s Football Star, released to synch with the 2014 World Cup tournament… more

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The lights in question in this mobile slots game from Net Entertainment are the ephemeral illumination provided by the traditional Chinese sky lanterns – launched for centuries at important festivals…. more

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Mr Toad

So, Mr. Toad, is there a Mrs. Toad? That is just one of the questions Play,n Go seeks to answer in its cartoon mobile sots game Mr. Toad that keeps… more

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Jazz of New Orleans  

True New Orleans Jazz is Dixieland, the only true American music form. It emerged in the Mississippi Delta in the early 1900s by combining elements of brass band marches, ragtime… more

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