Wizard of Odds Mobile Slot Review (IGT)

wizard of odds screenshot

As gambling puns go “Wizard of Odds” probably dates back to May 17, 1900 the first day Frank Baum’s children’s novel was published and some punter saw the title. Here IGT has appropriated the little play on words for its 2013 mobile slots game.

This is a five-reel game with 20 paylines. There are some free spins and multipliers to be conjured up but the biggest spell is placed on players chasing the linked progressive bonus that has been known to return millions of coins.


Wizard of Odds plays out in a bright land of castles and mountains while the translucent reels provide a continuous look into this magical world. We don’t see the inhabitants of this land but we know they are around from the objects that they have left in view – sceptres, crystal balls, cauldrons and pointed conical caps. When we meet the wizard of odds he is a short, be-whiskered fellow with a look in his eyes that is hard to read. Is he brewing riches in his black cauldron or is it intended for us?


When the Wizard’s Cap appears on the three centre reels it triggers a Free Spins Feature. The wizard is keeping the extent of your bonus under his hat so you will have to select one to discover the number of free spins you have won and another for your multiplier during your bonus round. Sorry, the wizard does not possess the power to grant re-triggered free spins.

Sometimes the wizard misplaces his Spell Book and if it gets loose on Reel 3 it will burst open and the pages will start flipping and creating winnings until it exhausts itself. Only then do the pages stop turning.

Players in Wizard of Odds are tied to one another in a slowly progressing jackpot. A sliver of each spin in the wizard’s universe goes to the community pot which means wins in the basic game can be a little slow. The Progressive Pot can only be won in the Cauldron Bonus Round.

Three Cauldron scatter symbols on Reels 1, 3 and 5 cast you in the role as the wizard’s assistant. You are escorted deep into the bowels of his castle to help work on a new spell. As you choose from among six brightly hued potion bottles the wizard adds your ingredients into his black cauldron. Doing so increases the bubbles in the potion and the money in your bank. When all the potions are added the cauldron rumbles and shakes and…if it settles back down you collect your winnings and leave the castle. Or, if it explodes you have won the Progressive Pot. Nothing funny about that.