Thunderstruck 2 Mobile Slot Review

Thunderstruck 2 Touch Screenshot

Thunderstruck 2 is all about Thor, The God of Thunder. Whilst this is one of Marvels most iconic characters, the company don’t actually have anything to do with this slot. But nonetheless, you follow Thor and his mission to rule as the mighty leader he is.

The slot contains a pretty standard 5 reel look whilst including an incredible 243 paylines, of which very few of the mobile variety include. In terms of features, again this mobile slot is a standout candidate in the industry with a series of bonus rounds, free spins, wilds, scatters and an unbelievably high jackpot.


Thor carries the persona as one of the most hardened super heroes of modern times. His massive hammer – of which only he can use – can wreak destruction and it’s this hammer that you will have to use at times in order to progress in this slot. The design is top drawer and although not linked with Marvel, looks as good as any branded slot we have seen.


This slot is pretty much all about its features and more importantly the bonus games. Before we dive into those however we just want to mention about the possible jackpot that’s on offer of over 2.5 million coins. Now this isn’t a progressive jackpot, just the possible payout that comes with every spin you make on Thunderstruck 2. It’s also – we think – the largest jackpot on any single mobile slot we have seen.

The next section brings up the free spins games, of which there are 5 included. First up is the seemingly random Thunderstorm that appears on screen. These will likely offer between 1 and 5 free spins when this rains down. Next up we enter the Great Hall which is apparently somewhere that Vikings and ‘God’s of War’ go to when they die. This is a recurring game and the more times you manage to get into the Great hall, the more free spins you will earn.

The next two are both games that will give you 15 free spins each. These are the Valkyries and Loki games both of which will include a multiplier ranging between 2 and 10, but will likely fall somewhere in the middle of these two numbers.

The Odin game will result in up to 20 free spins and again include a series of multipliers. This time the multipliers are reduced between just and 2 and 3 times your winnings, but it is possible to get up to 6x when you release double the amount of ravens, although we have heard this is extremely rare.

The final and most lucrative of them all is Thor’s game. This will give you a massive 25 free spins and also multipliers on all of your winnings of up to 6 times. This game requires you to get into the Great Hall 15 or more times within a session to be deemed eligible to enter.