Chinese New Year

The first day of the Chinese lunar calendar has been a time to honour ancestors and various deities around family gatherings for hundreds of years. Festivals often run until the... more

Gypsy Rose

The vagaries of fortune are ever present in the mobile slots world and Betsoft Gaming turns to the tried and true mysticism of the fortune teller with the introduction of... more

Highway Kings

You are sitting two stories up with 80,000 pounds of raw power under your seat jamming the gears of your rig and master of all you see on the endless... more

Extra Cash!!

The decade is the 1930s. The world is in an economic depression. Radio is just getting started and most people still get their news from newspapers. Some cities have a... more

Football Carnival

Let us see, take the world’s biggest sporting event and the world’s biggest party and mash them together into a mobile slots game and you have Playtech’s Football Carnival. As... more

Treasure Palace

In June of 2011 an exploratory team of former judges and temple officials, none of whom would make anyone forget Indiana Jones, uncovered gold and jewels stuffed into six underground... more

Football Star

A mobile slots game called Football Star that is not all about George Best? Hard to fathom but Microgaming’s Football Star, released to synch with the 2014 World Cup tournament... more


The lights in question in this mobile slots game from Net Entertainment are the ephemeral illumination provided by the traditional Chinese sky lanterns – launched for centuries at important festivals.... more

Mr Toad

So, Mr. Toad, is there a Mrs. Toad? That is just one of the questions Play,n Go seeks to answer in its cartoon mobile sots game Mr. Toad that keeps... more

Jazz of New Orleans  

True New Orleans Jazz is Dixieland, the only true American music form. It emerged in the Mississippi Delta in the early 1900s by combining elements of brass band marches, ragtime... more

Notre Dame

For those worried this might be some sort of religious-themed slot it is not. For those architecture fans hoping this would be a colour tour of the great cathedrals of... more

Ring The Bells

For all you looking for a Christmas-themed slots check your ho-ho-hos at the door and settle in for some classic three-reel slots action with a twist in this Play’N Go... more

Aliens (Touch)

Aliens is one of the rare Hollywood blockbuster sequels to exceed the standards set by its predecessor. Director James Cameron pivoted from the horror motif of the original and transformed... more

Mayan Moola

The Maya civilization in the Americas boasted the only known fully developed written language in the pre-Columbian world. The advanced Maya people built great stepped pyramids but not to hoard... more

Siberian Storm

While a slots game based on a Siberian storm where the winter temperatures average ten degrees below zero and can reach ninety degrees below does not sound a pleasing premise... more

Loopy Lotto

There is some evidence that the Chinese Han Dynasty used lotteries to help finance the building of the Great Wall of China two hundred years before the birth of Christ.... more

Dragon Drop

You can drop the scary at the door when you pick up this Dragon Drop mobile slots game from the Australian software developer, Next Gen Gaming. These dragons are breathing... more

Money Beach

If you are like most people at the beach money flows only one way – out of your pocket. But that won’t be the case when you pack your bags... more

Eagles Wings

If you were all set to embark on a treacherous World War II mission with fighter planes and impossibly brave feats of derring-do take off your helmet and settle down,... more

Aztec’s Millions  

The Aztec civilisation, according to legend, rose in central Mexico in the 14th century after the migrating Mexicans people were presented with a vision of an eagle perched on a... more

Egyptian Treasures

If ancient Egypt with its pharaohs and gold and exotic gods had never existed slots game developers would have had to invent it. Egyptian Treasures is Mazooma’s entry into the... more

Gold Rush

Every developer needs a game based on the possibility of striking it rich in the gold fields in its line-up of slots game and Gold Rush does that duty for... more

Pharaoh’s Fortunes

Do you realise that if you gathered all the gold ever found on the planet and put it in one place it would not fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools? But... more

Builder Beaver   

The beaver is a large, semi-aquatic rodent. He is seen mostly in the dark when he works the night away gnawing down trees and building castles in steams and ponds.... more

High Society

Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Cole Porter showed the world what class was in High Society in the 1956 American musical comedy. It was Kelly’s last performance before... more

Gold Rush HD

Probability must have thought their original Gold Rush was a bit too primitive and so they came back with Gold Rush HD. The game play is almost identical but the... more

Poseidon’s Kingdom

Poseidon was God of the Sea in ancient Greece and ranked as one of the most important of the Greek gods. He was a temperamental sort apparently and with the... more

Pots O’ Plenty

So you are settling into to enjoy a mouth-watering time with a game based on Jamie Oliver cooking up a feast in his television kitchen but no, wait, Pots O’... more


Everyone loves a good caper, or at least Hollywood believes everyone loves a good caper. Betsoft Gaming does too and they have expanded their line of narrative-driven mobile slots games... more

Knight Quest

Knight Quest brings the medieval heroes to the Probability stable of mobile slots games. Like the quest itself there is not much that is complicated about this play. Knight Quest... more

Samurai vs Zombies

Zombies have emerged as the challenger to vampires as the monsters we love best but the undead have walked among us for only a relatively short time. They owe their... more

Caesar’s Empire  

Julius Caesar etched his name into immortality as a general, a statesman, and an author of considerable talents. He was the first Roman conqueror to expand the empire across the... more


If you thought this was just another slots game about Indian cricket star Rohit Sharma you have not been paying attention to your video game library. Microgaming brought the successful... more

Paid In Chelsea

At Alchemy Bet the word play is as spirited as the mobile slots play and so it has come to pass that the British reality television series Made in Chelsea... more

Reindeer Readies

Christmas shops keep their doors open 364 days a year (closed on December 25 presumably) so why can’t a Christmas-themed mobile slots game spin all year round as well? That... more

Iron Man 3

The original Iron Man film version of the Marvel comics character and its sequel were both critical and commercial successes but not many were expecting the reception awaiting Iron Man... more

Silly Slots

For those who believe slots playing is serious business Silly Slots may not be the game of choice. But for fans of the Three Stooges, settle in for some hijinks... more

Cleopatra’s Gold  

While in the slots universe her famous consort Julius Caesar seemed to always enjoy watching gladiators mix it up in games of war Cleopatra busied herself with simpler pleasures, like... more


The Little Glass Slipper is a European folk tale that dates back into the 17th century and has antecedents in ancient Egypt where a Greek slave girl is rescued from... more

Long John’s Silver

Long out of copyright, Robert Louis Stevenson’s version of what a pirate should be has permeated popular culture from rock music to porn films to fast food restaurant chains. Here... more

Red Hot Rolling 7s

With Red Hot Rolling 7s Alchemy Bet has taken the familiar Vegas style slots game and turned up the heat big time. This game can get so hot it may... more

Coyote Cash  

Wile E. Coyote was a creation of animation legend Chuck Jones in 1948. The entire varmint wanted to catch a road runner and over the course of 48 cartoon shorts,... more

Viper Active

Alchemy Bet, producer of fast-paced Vegas-styled three-reel slots games, has been lured from its Garden of Eden by a toothy viper into the world of video slots with this venomous... more

Super Fruity

Probability goes retro with its mobile slots game Super Fruity. Everything fans of classic old-time slot action crave for is on the reels here. Super Fruity is a five-reel mobile... more

Crystal Waters  

Real Time Gaming is considered one of the top gaming developers in the marketplace and their wide suite of slots games can be expected to tap into every popular genre... more

Sushi Bar

The art of fermenting rice with vinegar to create sushi is an ancient Japanese practice. It was once used to ferment fish and the sushi rice discarded. Today there are... more

777 Heaven

When you just want to experience the glitz and excitement of a Vegas-style casino you want 777 Heaven from Alchemy Bet in your hand. This is basic, simple to understand... more

Burger Man

The world’s most popular sandwich, a ground meat patty lovingly sited in between two slices of bread, is said to have been created in New Haven, Connecticut in the United... more

Count Spectacular  

Just when you thought it was safe to pull your mobile device out of your pocket Real Time Gaming comes along with Count Spectacular to scare the living bejesus out... more


The Walt Disney Company has released a lot of classic animated movies that have defined childhood but only one song has become Disney’s representative song – When You Wish upon... more