Sunrise Reels Mobile Slot Review (Realistic Games)

sunrise screenshot

Sunrise Reels offerings from Realistic Games will appeal to the hardcore slots player who remembers the days in Las Vegas where all you would see on a casino floor were aisle after aisle of more-or-less the same fruit machines.

It’s a three-reel, five payline mobile slots on a three-line display. There are no progressive jackpots.


Sunrise Reels serves up a tight close-up view of the reels that spin against a backdrop of a sunrise over the ocean. Like other Realistic games you can spy a snatch of classic casino carpet but unlike other Realistic games the zoomed-in view doesn’t allow for any other machines in the background to convey the experience of a casino floor. The background music is your standard casino pinging of the reels settling into place as you anticipate the ringing of the bells.


In Sunrise Reels there are no Wilds, no Scatters, No Bonus features. The five win lines pay as follows:

Cherries, Lemons, Plums                        8X

Bells                                                     20X

Bars, Melons                                    40X

7s                                                          60X

With those base payouts there will a whole lot of spins with a whole lot of nothing going on. These mobile slots games are set by the manufacturer to return a sliver over 95 percent although that number is subject to virtual casino tinkering. When it comes the win line is highlighted. There is an Auto Play feature that allows you to press arrows to select the number of spins you want the game to take without pressing the SPIN button. Auto Play can be ignored and cancelled at any time.

And that’s it. If you like your mobile slots like they played back when men wore fedoras and women were called dames, settle in for a session with Sunrise Reels.