Probability Games Mobile Casinos

Probability may not be one of the best known casino software providers on the market, but they have actually been in operation since 2003. In that time they have gone from making just a single slots game into producing a portfolio of mobile casino products that even the largest software providers would be proud of.

The company is completely mobile driven and it’s been their aim since 2003 to provide a wealth of games within the mobile casino sector. It’s a credit to see a company switch to an industry, over a decade ago now, that had potential and to finally see that potential start to come to fruition. Whilst the transition to mobile casinos and mobile gaming in generally probably hasn’t taken off as quickly as many had thought, the hard yards back then seem to be paying off for this still, youthful company.

As with most mobile based companies, it’s often been hard to keep up to date with the massive array of smartphones and tablet devices that seemingly never cease to hit the market. This means that for companies like Probability, they have to stay one step ahead of the market. The claim that in 2012 they improved compatibility for over 4,200 devices and claim their product to be available on pretty much all smartphone and tablet devices. This likely has to do with the inclusion of design on HTML 5 based products.

High Definition gaming is an area with Probability have spent a massive amount of time developing. It makes sense really, due to most smartphones and now tablets coming with HD capabilities. They have also reduced features with games due to the ‘complex interfaces’ that most mobile devices has, which is probably a contrary to many, but in hindsight, makes a lot sense.

Probability Mobile Slots

The slots section has been the one that’s arguably seen the most change over the years. When starting out the companies very first game was a slot, but since 2003, they have developed quite alarmingly. In fact, Probability has pumped over £1million into research and development just for slots games alone.

The design of the games is probably the highlight for the HD slots with each taking on its own character in a way. The themes do vary, but can be a little stagnates after a while with the lack of progressives and even 3-reel slots.

Other Mobile Casino Games

HD Roulette

With all games in the Probability series they will differ in contrast depending on your screen. The latest Android and iOS devices all include high definition screens so games like roulette look ultra-sharp. Roulette was only introduced in July of 2013 and includes two tables’ types of European single and American 00 tables. Features include auto spin, repeat bet, repeat bet x 2 chip selection and game statistics.