CryptoLogic Mobile Casinos

After Antigua and Barbuda became the first country to legalise online gambling in 1994 CryptoLogic, a general Internet security software company founded by brothers Andrew and Mark Rivkin in their parents’ Toronto basement, was one of the first to leap into the fray to develop casino software. The Rivkins cashed out in 2002, the year before their high-riding company went public on the London Stock Exchange.

CryptoLogic has created over 200 online casino games across the gambling spectrum and is still at it, albeit under the auspices of Amaya Gaming which acquired the business in 2012. After gambling for real money on the Internet was outlawed in the United States in 2006 the company was almost dealt a death blow and it has been nursed back to prominence by Amaya.

With CryptoLogic’s extensive portfolio gamers can pick from among branded games (Spider-Man, King Kong, Call of Duty among them), classic slots and video slots. There are also many games adapted from traditional pub favourites such as Aladdin’s Lamp and Rags to Riches.

Included in the round-up of CryptoLogic’s gambling games are nearly a dozen Blackjack variations and almost 20 ways to deal poker. World Poker Tour Enterprises is a CryptoLogic affiliate.

Cryptologic Mobile Slots

To date Amaya has chosen not to pursue mobile gaming with the Cryptologic brand and has currently only produced a very small number of mobile slots.