Alchemy Bet Mobile Casinos

Alchemy Bet is one of the latest additions to the casino software provider’s convention. But, unlike most of the operators out there, the site is solely mobile based. This means that it doesn’t offer up any products for desktop or PC based online. This, more than anything, is probably a sign of the times with companies like this who are starting to focus on more of a niche – mobile casinos – rather than trying to successfully infiltrate an already saturated market in the form of the online casino.

The company first launched in May of 2012 and since then have gone on to produce some good looking mobile casino games. Again, rather surprisingly, they have just targeted that of slots games rather than applying a diverse catalogue of options. Whilst this certainly won’t appeal to bigger, more established casinos looking to get into the mobile sector, this should be right up the street of smaller and newer companies just trying to get a foot in the door. What will be interesting to see is that if any of these more established sites decide to use a company such as Alchemy Bet alongside another software provider as they do host a good range of slots.

Whilst Alchemy Bet is essentially one of the newest software providers going, they do boast a team that has over 30 years’ experience within the casino and mobile casino sector. The fact that they are based out of the UK will likely be another big incentive for companies to use Alchemy Bet, if only for reliability.

Alchemy bet originally only offered its software on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile devices, but the integration of HTML 5 has meant that there product can now be used on pretty much any mobile device within the last 5 or so years. The company have been really excited with the added freedom that HTML 5 can offer them in terms of design and arguably more importantly, usability.

Alchemy Bet Mobile Slots

As mentioned, the only games on offer happen to be that of slots, but there is quite a good range of variation between the games, including both 3 reel and 5 reel games along with a series of win lines for each. The design aspect is something a company like Alchemy Bet has to work on and in all honesty the games that they have produced, generally look really good.

We liked the mix of slots and the quirky themes for each such as Kerang’s Stairway to 7, Paid in Chelsea, Count ya Money (Dracula theme), Cop the Cash and Spaced Out. Surprisingly, they all have their own little quirks which a lot of the modern day casinos are looking for to increase visitor retention whilst also appealing to new customers.