Snakes & Ladders Mobile Slot Review (Mazooma)

snakes and ladders screenshot

It used to be that kids did not play board games for the simple fun of it. In the good old day board games were learning tools instructing about the righteous path of life and consequences for poor decisions. There was never a clearer morality play than the time-worn Indian game of Snakes and Ladders which mirrored ones journey through the mortal world navigating virtues (the ladders) and vices (the snakes). Mazooma has adapted Snakes & Ladders as a board game mobile slot.

This is a five reeler, with betting options on up to 20 winlines. There are free spins and multipliers up to 10,000 your line bet but no progressive jackpots. Any life lessons learned are complimentary.


Snakes & Ladders won’t disappoint any nostalgia junkies out to re-create their childhood days sitting on the living room rug playing board games. The dice are here, the playing board is here and the ladders and snakes are here, although the serpents look more goofy than life-threatening. Hypnotizing snake charmer music whistles in the background and when the snake is involved in a winning combination the big news is delivered with a satisfying hiss.


Beyond the minor playing card symbols, created from snake skins, there are three features to be on the lookout for in Snakes And Ladders. Three Snake Baskets gets you the Snake Charmer Bonus. Click on a basket onscreen to reveal the multiplier to be applied to your stake. There could well be plenty of spins waiting in the subcontinent so the Auto Play is a welcome feature in Snakes & Ladders.

The Free Spin Bonus is triggered by the Snake Symbol. Three Snakes means 15 free spins, four means 25 and five Snakes award a sure-to-hypnotize 100 free spins. Free spins can be re-triggered in Free Spin mode up to a total of 210 and all money won is tripled. And vice is supposed to be bad for you?

The Snakes and Ladders Feature gives you an opportunity to play the classic old board game. Any 3 Snakes & Ladders logo scatters will send you off to the game room for a chance to climb a pitfall-laden board and achieve copious coin rewards, which are playing the role of salvation in this case. The seven-by-seven grid is seeded with multipliers and a roll of the die moves you up the ladders and down the snakes on the board until you land in a square containing a multiplier. At that point the bonus game ends and you cash out against your original stake. There are enough bonuses in Snakes & Ladders you will want to tell that charmer to put down his pungi – you want these snakes to be active!