Silly Slots Mobile slot Review (Probability)

Silly Slots Screenshot

For those who believe slots playing is serious business Silly Slots may not be the game of choice. But for fans of the Three Stooges, settle in for some hijinks on the reels that are certain to bring a smile to your face with this mobile game from Probability.

Silly Slots is a five-reel mobile slots game with 50 paylines. You can start the giggling with only 0.02 units and wager as much as 0.50 coins per line to make a serious bet of 25.00 coins. It may be no laughing matter that there is no progressive jackpot but the in-game jackpots are no joke. An Auto Spin option is available to tap so no one will step on a punch line.


Silly Slots is like a textbook in comedy. There is a banana peel on hand – remember, the gag is not slipping on the banana peel. It is stepping over the slippery fruit skin and falling into a manhole. Give it up folks, we are here all week. There is a jiggly jello mould – who cannot come up with a gag with that? There is a fake inspector mask with a handlebar moustache – we’ve all been there at a party. And there is a pair of those eyeballs with the springs that everyone has worn with a lampshade on her head. There is a set of chattering teeth and a pair of worried looking scivvies. Really, has anyone called Carrot Top to see if he has any props left in his comedy bag?


The Chattering Teeth will get the most laughs in Silly Slots as a gaggle of five on a payline will payoff 3000X your initial stake. Even four bring back 750X.

Viewers of Drop the Dead Donkey from the 1990s know how hilarious a metaphorical stubborn beast of burden can be. Or not. In Silly Slots the donkey has been anointed the Wild and will substitute for the other symbols, except the Scatter. The yuks begin every time Donkey appears on the reels to form a winning combination but that stubborn streak makes him refuse to add a multiplier or to dole out any coins just for appearing on stage.

The Comedy Nerd is the Scatter and he begins distributing Free Spins with three appearances. That will win you six games. Four is worth eight and five brings you a 10-game reward. Thanks folks! You have been great. Remember to tip your server.