Pixies Of The Forest Mobile Slot Review (IGT)

pixie forest screenshot

If you check your reference books on Irish folklore you will learn that pixies are childlike imps who like to get together and dance in the woods. Those are not the creatures dreamed up by IGT for their Pixies Of The Forest mobile slots game. These winged nymphets are many years beyond their child days and they seem more interested in luring you deep into their dark forest lairs than dancing around frivolously.

This is a five reel spinner with 99, count them 99, paylines. There are no progressive jackpots hidden in this forest but there are plenty of opportunities for free spins to whirl you ever deeper into the world of the pixies.


This is all about the comely pixies and the sylvan paradise they inhabit. Everything is painted in ever-darkening shades of green and the only creatures stirring are those mischievous maidens. Even the minor symbols – your jacks and queens and kings – rest in the grass under starless skies. Each reel spins on its own vine-framed trail. As you would expect there is nothing jarring in the Pixies Of The Forest soundtrack to disrupt the magical spell.


Wagering starts at a single coin but you can get three for one betting on all your coins up to 33, hence the 99 paylines. Pixies Of The Forest offers connected lines to help you keep up with these mischievous pixies when they start arriving at a feverish pace. If you get exhausted following their antics there is an Autoplay feature.

The pixies are a pleasing distraction but the gateway to riches in this forest is the Wild, which you’ll recognize because it reads “WILD.” The Wild appears on Reels 2, 3 and 4 except during bonus play when it also peeks out behind the leaves on Reel 1.

Any three bonuses on any payline usher you to the Free Spins Bonus. The number of freebies depends on the luck you have in choosing.

But there are more free spins every time you win with the Tumbling Reels feature, a trademark of IGT. After every score the winning combination disappears into the forest and is replaced by others falling from the treetops. If you win again the feature gets re-triggered and doesn’t stop until you lose a spin.

Just don’t go talking about your big wins. The pixies wouldn’t like that and their wish is your command.