Mr Vegas Mobile Slot review (BetSoft)

mr vegas screenshot

In BetSoft Gaming’s Mr. Vegas a trip to Las Vegas is portrayed as we always dream it could be – but never actually is. This is another character-driven #D mobile slots game from the Cyprus-based developers and Mr. Vegas is instantly relatable to slots players.

This is a five-reel slots game with 30 paylines. There is a progressive jackpot and a maximum in-game jackpot of 7,500 coins.


Open with an aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip and then float down between luxury hotels as Mr. Vegas pulls up to the High Roller Casino in his cream-coloured limousine to the strains of a welcoming theme song from a Vic Damone-type entertainer. Mr. Vegas steps out of the limo to be greeted by a phalanx of paparazzi and flash bulbs explode. The open-shirted Vegas reaches for the door and extracts his date for the evening out of the back seat. Wait. Here comes another young lovely. Two dates! One blonde and one brunette and the paparazzi rush to catch it all. Now it’s time to head into the High Roller Casino for an evening of gaming.

Like every trip to Las Vegas it is sensory overload with this slot. Big music is always playing. The minor playing card symbols have been left in the deck and replaced with showgirls. There are roulette wheels, big dice, drinks, stacks of multi-coloured chips, hands of blackjack – if it is in Las Vegas, this game has it. Good thing we have Mr. Vegas as our guide.


Mr. Vegas is naturally a Wild in this game. If he lands on Reels 1, 3 and 5 you’re off to a roulette table. You can help make three number selections¬† but don’t worry, it’s always a winner – he is Mr. Vegas after all.

Anything Mr. Vegas touches turns to money. If he his hanging out on Reel 2 and the Dice symbols line up on either side of him you get the number of free spins shown by the pips on the dice. If the dice are doubles you also earn 2X any wins during free spins.

Find three or more Slot Machine symbols and you get to play three games on a mini-slot machine with three reels and a single line display. Take a break, Mr. Vegas – I got this one.

With all the action going on around you it may escape notice but there are small triangular sections of a Big Wheel displayed in the upper left hand corner of each symbol, playing the role of Scatter. Should five ever appear you are off to the Money Wheel Bonus. Here you get a spin on the Big Wheel for bonus rounds, money or free spins. Plus this is your chance, one in eight, to win the current progressive jackpot.

Thanks Mr. Vegas! It’s not gambling if you know you’re going win. And I can’t get your theme song out of my head.