Mr. Good Mobile Slot Review (Sheriff Gaming)

Mr Good Screenshot

In Sheriff Gaming’s imagining of the outlaw hero to the oppressed, Robin Hood, he has taken the guise of a fox. The story from English folklore of the commoners fighting back against the man is presented in the exquisite 3D graphics of Mr. Good.

This is a five-reel mobile slots game that extracts riches from the powers that be in the shire on 30 paylines. There is no progressive jackpot and no free spins for the do-gooding fox to plunder. There are not even any really killer in-game jackpots so Mr. Good has to stay busy pestering the inhabitants of the medieval forest for small scores. You can accelerate the pace of play with Auto Spin and Bet Max options.


Robin Hood was known for his skill as an archer and his deft handling of swords. Since Mr. Good must have done a lot of practicing we see his sheath of arrows, swords and bullseye target. We also get a lot of arrows thumping into trees on the soundtrack. There is also castles in the distance, armoured henchmen to be avoided and a wanted poster for Mr. Good. The setting is a beautifully drawn thatched hut with attractive wood and stone appointments. The usual playing cards have been done away with in the hut and replaced with thematically appropriate symbols.


The Wanted Poster is the Scatter and it wins a Click Me Bonus where the symbol appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5. The prizes are automatically multiplied by the number of active win lines and the line bet. In a bit of forest shenanigans you also get to see the prizes you did not choose.

The Feature Bonus is activated when three of the Mr. Good symbols appear in the hut. At this point the guards are rendered unconscious as you descend deep into the castle to gather coins in the unprotected treasury room. You start opening doors and filling your cloth sacks with coins until you see the word COLLECT. All the displayed prizes have already been automatically multiplies by the amount of active win-lines and line-bets you were playing before you sacked the castle.

There is a Gamble feature that can double any winnings which is a welcome perk for Mr. Good since there just are not a huge amount of riches lying around the shire. Mr. Good can only give so much to the poor if the rich are not that rich.