It Came From The Moon Mobile Slot Review (Realistic Games)

it came from the moon screnshot

It is not so much outer space that Realistc Games is taking you in its It Came From The Moon mobile slots game. Rather it is the world of the sci-fi B movies from the 1950s and Saturday morning double features at the cinema. Think Plan 9 From Outer Space. Think Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Think Them!

This is a five-reel, 20-payline game. There is no progressive jackpot but you may well be too busy scurrying for your life to worry about that.


The theme of It Came From The Moon is not so much exactly what it is that is coming form our nearest celestial neighbour but how it is being reported to a sure-to-be-panicked citizenry down on earth. The game itself is viewed through a tear in a pile of old newspapers laced with sensational headlines. Symbols include fatalistic warnings on cartoon title cards such as, “With monstrous menace…It Came From The Moon.” The main symbols are a combination of threatening alien images and horrified reaction shots, all done up a splendid cartoony style. Bonus screens take you to a drive-in movie theatre where the terror begins anew. Ominous music hovers in the background promising impending doom amidst blood-curdling whistles.


When aliens invade time is of the essence and It Came From The Moon doesn’t waste any of it with non-essentials. Just pick your stake between one and 20 win lines and start spinning. Or you can let Autoplay do it for you while you scan the skies with a worried eye.

The wild symbol is easy to spot – it screams “Wild!” – and substitutes for all the other symbols except the scatter. It is that scatter symbol, played by a Drive-In Movie Sign, that is your sole objective in It Came From The Moon. It takes three Drive In scatters anywhere on screen to trigger the bonus and pack you in the car for the movies.

At the drive-in theatre in place of the giant screen is an armada of attacking spaceships reminiscent of the early arcade days. From your perch in the fleeing crowd you begin selecting enemy craft to destroy and each one comes with a money award. When you obliterate the gruesome Moon Bug you advance to the next level and can do so up to Level Five where the multiplier reaches it maximum of 6X. At that point you can fire on the mother ship for yet another prize.

No matter what the outcome of the battle in It Came From The Moon you can count on reading it in the next day’s papers, probably in an extra edition. Read all about it!