High Rise Mobile Slot Review (Realistic Games)

high rise screenshot

High Rise is a 2012 offering from Realistic Games for your mobile phone that would not have been out of place in the taproom in 1912. High Rise gathers together all the old gang – the plums and the watermelons and the bells for a little old-fashioned slots play from the thrilling days of yesteryear.

High Rise is an old school three-reel and 5-payline game with only nine symbols on screen. There are three horizontal win lines and two diagonals running to the corners. That’s it. You won’t need a platoon of crooked lines to tell you when you’ve won on High Rise.


If there is any theme to be pulled from High Rise, it is a return to the classic indulgences. James Bond in an Aston Martin DB5. The Sands Casino with Frank Sinatra singing in the lounge. Bogart and Bacall on a full-size movie screen. That sort of thing. Playing High Rise you will certainly find yourself reaching for the lever on the side that once ignited the hypnotic spell of the one-armed bandits.


High Rise offers a wide betting range from a minimum of a single line for five coins up to a maximum of 20 coins. This makes the game attractive for mobile slots beginners and those who seek a healthy return from their play. This classic game gives you three ways to scale the heights to the grand jackpot of 100 times your bet. By contrast three lemons, oranges and plums bring back 5X, the strawberries and bunches of grapes 10X, and the juicy half watermelons 20X.

The simplest way to score the jackpot is to spin three bells on any payline. The jackpot goes off if you also fill the screen with nine oranges that High Rise celebrates as a “full house.”

You can also manipulate your winnings with the bonus gamble feature. Any winnings less than 50 times the original stake can be doubled with a wager on the gamble ladder. When activated the ladder flashes until it returns a value between -3 and +3. These are true 50-50 odds that return 100%. You can then gamble until the jackpot is busted or you are, although you can cash out at any time and return to spinning.

And that is it. The beauty of the classics is their simplicity.