Halloween Fortune Mobile Slot Review

Halloween fortune Touch Screenshot

The Halloween Fortune mobile slot may seem, initially, like a holiday themed game. But it’s actually much more than that and even though we just so happen to be reviewing the slot around the time of Halloween, we can easily see how it will keep its longevity with its beautifully designed interface and feature rich game play.

The game follows the path of three witches in their mission to bring together a concoction of items into their melting pot. The slot includes a 5 reel, 20 payline game along with a series of free spins games and possible multipliers reaching 10x your win amount.


The theme is based around all things Halloween with an inclusion of symbols such as black cats, crows, skulls, melting pots, witches, and even a couple that we aren’t 100% sure of. The game looks absolutely stunning though, which makes us think that it will have more longevity than these themed types of slots generally have.


In terms of the wild symbols you want to be looking out for the big orange pumpkins, which actually have a pretty creepy smile going on. This will substitute all of your symbols to make the best combination, but interestingly enough, if you manage to get 5 in a row then you can win up to 10,000 times your original bet. We were actually unable to find out if this is maximum win on the slot or not, but with max bet being that of just 2 coins, we would assume that a 20,000 payout on this low volatile slot might be ‘your lot’.

The highlight of the game probably comes within the free spins section. We are always keen when you get a bit of interactivity with these sections, and that’s exactly what you get. You only need to pull one of the cauldrons on any of the reels to trigger the game where you will first be asked to pick between one of three witches. Each will include a number of free spins before being taken to help the witch mix her cauldron. This next section will be your multiplier section and ranges between 2x and 10x your bet amount.

Overall we were actually quite surprised by the Halloween Fortune mobile slot, on more than one count as well. First up is the design; it looks absolutely stunning in all honesty. You don’t normally get this detail in design when dealing with the more ‘generic’ mobile slots. Secondly, the game actually packs a fair amount of longevity. The Halloween theme never really grew old and we can see why players have been coming back to this mobile slot all year round.