Gold Rally Mobile Slot Review

Gold Rally Touch ScreenshotThe Gold Rally Mobile slot from PlayTech is one of their simpler slots. The concept of the game is taking you back to the old Western times where people used to mine gold and it becomes your mission to track this gold down in the mine.

The game is quite unique in that it’s a 3 reel, 8 payline slots, something that isn’t all too common in this day and age. In fact, it’s almost like one of the more classic slots rather than some of the latest versions that include a higher number of reels and paylines. Whilst it doesn’t include a massive amount of features, Gold Rally does have a progressive jackpot, scatter symbols and a click and play feature to boot.


The game follows the adventures of a miner trying to find gold from the old mine shafts. Included are a number of items to help you along your way such as dynamite, a lantern, scales, guns, pots of gold, carts and a featured treasure map. The game looks absolutely stunning and we can confidently say that it’s one of PlayTech’s better designed mobile apps. What’s really interesting is just how interactive within the mobile device it is, requiring you to swipe the screen to start your spins.


The Gold Rally mobile slot is actually a progressive slot that is linked within the PlayTech network. The jackpot can range anywhere between a few hundred thousand, to well in excess of the seven figure mark. To hit your jackpot you will need to fill each spot (9) with the scales symbol.

The same scales scatter symbols are also used to get you into their bonus round of multiplying your initial bet. To get the minimum return you must have three symbols, but as you increase the amount of symbols on screen, your jackpot amount will continue to rise. Up to 8 symbols will result in 200x your initial bet for that spin before, as we mentioned, 9 gets you a piece of the progressive jackpot.

The final feature is the click and play part of Gold Rally where you can simply click one of the items on screen to get your prize. To do this you must get the dynamite symbol on each of the four corners of the game.

Admittedly, Gold Rally is a little thin on the ground in terms of features. Initially we were surprised to see the return of the 3 reel 8 payline game, but it is worth noting that the minimum spin per round is that of 2 coins whilst the maximum is 16 coins, meaning it’s not the cheapest going. Pay-outs are around 96% which is pretty much standard and means that this game is about a medium in terms of how volatile it is.