Frankenstein (Touch) Mobile Slot Review

Frankenstein Touch Screenshot

Frankenstein is probably one of the most recognised Halloween characters ever. That big green head with the bolts running through his neck is now an iconic symbol. The Frankenstein Touch slot takes you back to the original title (1931) and includes a smart looking set of graphics for the mobile device.

The slot includes a 5 reel, 20 payline opportunity for its players but the inclusion of two separate free spins games and a bonus game is really where this slot makes its money.


Frankenstein is – obviously- what this slot is all about. It definitely feels like a bit of throwback to the original with the inclusion of icons such as Fritz, the brain, the monster and of course, Dr Frankenstein himself. The inclusion of the windmill in which the village people chased Frankenstein in the original movie is also apparent and in fact, plays a massive part when it comes to the bonus round, of which we will discuss alter in the article.

Graphically the mobile slot looks superb. We aren’t sure whether it’s meant to be a little tongue in cheek, but then again, which games aren’t. It’s certainly been great fun to play and really took us down memory lane, although not to the original movie!


The inclusion of two sets of wilds and a free spins section is probably the standout to this game that in all honest doesn’t provide a massive array of features. The first set of wilds comes from the crystal ball wilds that will ignite any nearby symbols to create more wilds. This will in turn add to your multiplier for the free spins section. The second wild is the fire symbol which appears throughout the free spins and can be used in conjunction of any combination.

The free spins games take you off to the windmill where Frankenstein was chased by the village people – no, not the YMCA! Once in, this is where the game really comes to life and the firing inferno in the background really starts to add to the intensity. The number of free spins will depend on how many scatters you get, but will range from 5 to 20 free spins with the multiplier at the top of screen doing its random thing ranging between 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x.

Whilst definitely a mobile slot that you will be able to keep coming back to, Frankenstein possibly lacks a little in the features section for our needs. It can get quite stale pretty quickly, but having said that, the concept of the game is great. The free spins could possibly be increased and the frequency you hit the free spins is sparse at best. That said, it’s still miles ahead of most mobile slots and it’s a theme that is dear to our hearts and probably those of likeminded people of a certain age.