Desert Treasure (Touch) Slot Review

Desert Treasure Touch Screenshot

The Desert Treasure mobile slot is a bit of a switch to the old school from PlayTech. It’s probably best to describe it as being simplistic, but a slot that still provides a fair amount of entertainment value. You’re not really going to get the ‘wows’ that some of the more brand-able PlayTech slots are going to give you, but if it’s a stripped back game you are looking for, then Desert Treasure might be right up your street.

The game gets off to a good start with a 5 reel, 20 payline slot, which is pretty much the standard for these types of slots. The features are good and include free spins, wild cards, scatters and even a click and play section, which we were impressed to see.


The theme follows the quest of man and his mission to cross the desert in search for hidden treasure. Over this quest, he meets many obstacles which often come in form of snakes, camels, beetles, scorpions and savannahs. The design, as we mentioned, is pretty simple and there aren’t many fancy graphics to really talk about.

What we did like is the fact that it looks particularly good on your smartphone device. Often games taken from the online version to the mobile version suffer in quality, but the simplicity of Desert Treasure on mobile probably makes this much more favourable.


The free spins section is where you’re going to make your money on this slot and to get into this section you will need to unravel three or more of the exotic women that appear on screen. Essentially what you will receive is 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier on your bonus. It’s worth noting that you can get multiple free spins with the more actual wins you get within this feature.

The click and play section was one we weren’t actually expecting to see on this game, just with the initial simplistic look and feel of it all, but is a welcomed addition. You need to be looking for the map symbols here and to gain 3 or more of these before activating this feature. Once inside you can then choose between a number of different jewels including a treasure chest, lantern and numerous boxes. Pay-outs will range between 2x and 10x your bet amount, but multiple selections can be made depending on how many scatters you managed to find.