Crown Of Egypt Mobile Slot Review (IGT)

crown of egypt screenshot

There are a number of ancient Egypt-themed slots in the gaming universe but none of them ever feature the guys who actually built those pyramids. You won’t be getting them in Crown of Egypt by IGT either.

This is a five-reel, four-column mobile slots game with 1, 10, 20, 40 or 1,024 ways to win. There are up to 40 paylines but if you are playing at least one coin on 40 pay lines you have the option to activate Multi Way that now gives you 1,024 ways to win by matching symbols in adjacent rows. Each symbol is essentially its own reel and can change positions to produce riches only dynastic rulers can comprehend.


This game is all about those who held the power in the kingdom by the Nile. You get a male pharaoh and a female pharaoh and a mummified ruler. Ra, the Sun King represented by a falcon head, and Anibus, the leader of the afterlife with his jackal head, wander in and out of the scene. Traditional oud music strums in the background. And there are pyramids and Sphinxes just to be sure you didn’t think this was ancient Rome.


Well you can’t discuss Crown of Egypt without addressing the 1,024 ways-to-win Multi Way. As mentioned, you can’t activate the game’s star feature unless you are already playing the maximum 40 pay lines. Multi Way will cost you another 40 coins per play so this is not an app for the casual player. In Multi Way mode wins come from up and down as well as right to left so there is plenty of padding win totals but most are smaller than the basic game and with experience at Crown of Egypt you may choose to opt out of Multi Way. Or not since this is where the biggest riches lie in the Crown of Egypt if you can afford to get them out.

While you are debating the return on investment of Multi Way the game’s other feature is always a no-brainer to root for. A Free Spin Bonus triggers in Crown of Egypt when two or more Pyramids plop onto the centre reel. Two Wonders of the Ancient World bring 10 spins, three award 15 spins and filling the entire reel rewards 20 free spins. The Free Spin Bonus rotates with richer symbols and you can re-trigger the session up to 130 spins. 130 spins, 1,024 ways to win – you are going to have to be awfully fast with your abacus to keep up with your winnings in Crown of Egypt.