Couch Potato Mobile Slot Review

Couch Potato Touch Screenshot

The couch Potato mobile slot is one that’s been transformed from a successful online career. Although, admittedly we have no idea what on earth the reference to the couch potato is, the game still runs and feels like a classic slot if ever there was one.

It’s all about simplicity with this slot and you get a 3 reel game with just a single payline. You know, like you sued to get in those classic 1990’s Vegas movies. As you will probably have figured out by now, there’s not a lot going on in the form of bonus rounds but you will be able to get some nice multipliers on wins throughout the game.


As we mentioned, the theme is just totally bizarre. The actual couch potato just doesn’t seem to have any bearing to the game whatsoever and trust us when we say we have tried to think of every angle here. But once you get into the game it just looks about a s ‘classic’ as you’re going to get with the bars, fruits and lucky 7 numbers all giving it that, now retro feel to it.


Often with classic slots you find them to be a little boring and in all honesty the lack of feature games in the current market will likely prove to be a deal breaker for some. But not us, as we loved the fact that this game comes out fighting with a high volatility style. Where there’s not much going on in terms of features, you need something to keep people interested and the possibility of a sh*t or bust situation actually really excited us. It’s doubtful that this is going to be a slot that will give you much longevity in terms of playing time, but boy will it be fun trying to hit those jackpots.

Admittedly, the min and max bets aren’t huge at just 0.15 and 15 coins respectively, but they are definitely enough for most people to get stuck into. You’ve also got to bear in mind that this is one simple payline, which makes it that little bit harder to get consistent pay-outs.

But, there are wild symbols which are of the infamous couch potato himself, and these can turn out to be quite lucrative. One wild will get you a 5 x your payline, two will get you 25x your payline and three will trigger the jackpot and will return a really tidy 15,000 coins.