Cop The Cash Mobile Slot Review (Alchemy Bet)

cop the cash screenshot

Alchemy Bet has created a line of mobile slots games around the premise of the hunter and the hunted. Naturally sliding into the wheelhouse of that strategy is the cops and robbers game Cop The Cash.

Cop The Cash is a three-reel slots game playing out across five paylines. There is a progressive jackpot to be chased as well as the perpetual race for swag during the in-game action.


This a cartoony slapstick clash between a masked burglar and club-wielding cop and it is as simple a story as it is an ancient one. The action on the reels is that of your typical fruit machine with bars and sevens and a fruit salad of symbols. The soundtrack keeps things moving apace.


The one bonus in Cop The Cash is a chase between the lawman and the perp that is triggered by a nine-step trail. The trail is moved along when numbers drop from the reels. When you advance to Step Four you are thrust into the hot pursuit on the side of the criminal and his sack of swag. The better job you do at evading the authorities the more coins you win. Exactly as they teach in school. If however the police van arrives it is game over and back to the reels.

The progressive jackpot is pumped up by the community of Cop The Cash players. You can steal it when three Jackpot symbols stretch across an active payline. On the run!