Chinese Kitchen Mobile Slot Review

Fish O Rama Touch Screenshot

The Chinese Kitchen mobile slot is like very few we have come across. Finding a theme in this industry that’s pretty out on its own doesn’t happen every day, so even before we really dive into this review, we would like to say kudos to PlayTech for doing something a little bit different.

What PlayTech do well is offer up a diverse range of slots, not just in the form of each theme, but also in what’s on offer. Chinese Kitchen isn’t going to offer your high roller spins, bonus features and massive paylines, but what it is going to do is provide a 3 reel, 8 payline game that will be perfectly targeted towards those just starting out in the world of slots.


The theme is based on a great big, fat Chinese chef who is cooking up a feast of culinary delights for you to eat. Some of these include caterpillar, crab, octopus, starfish, you know, all those Chinese favourites! Each of them comes to life –weirdly, as they are meant to be edible – as they roll down each reel in what feels like a really cool interactive game.

The design of it all looks stunning, as is generally the case with PlayTech’s more classic looking slots. In fact, it could be argued that it’s the design that really makes this slot as popular as we know it is within the industry.


Unfortunately, like the majority of these classic slots, Chinese Kitchen doesn’t have an awful lot of features to write home about. There are no bonus rounds, free spins or click and play options to keep you occupied. It’s very much a stripped back version of what we now refer to as a video slot.

It’s then important to remember when reviewing this mobile slot that we don’t compare it to the likes of Hulk or Iron Man 2, because they are almost completely different entities. Chinese Kitchen will offer people new to slots a simplified version of the game to get their heads around. It does include a reasonable max bet of 8 coins however and there are scatter symbols (The Crab) within the game to aid in the amount you can win, but essentially it’s a good, old fashioned click and spin game that we have here.