Carnaval Mobile Slot Review

Carnaval Touch Screenshot

The Carnaval (and this is not a typo) mobile slot is one of the most colourful and probably cheery that we have come across. Based on the Mardi Gras festival in Brazil, you get a sense of theatre, hilarity, drama, flamboyance and everything else that goes with this beautiful occasion.

The slot definitely falls within Microgaming’s ‘simpler’ category in that it’s a 5 reel 9 payline slot designed for those of whom are probably just starting out in the world of mobile or even online slots for that matter. The features are kept a minimum, and purposely too, whilst the game is almost as close to your classic click and spin slot that you are going to get.


The slot follows the downtown festival of Mardi Gras and shows off everything that the festival, and the country of Brazil, has to stand for.  This being one of the more basic slots means that they have obviously worked hard on aesthetics and it transcribes onto the mobile screen probably as well as any we have seen. What’s so great is that on the newer retina display mobile devices the colours look ultra-sharp and it really does make it one of the most enjoyable that we have come across form Microgaming.


We’ve seen other review on Carnaval for mobile saying that the game doesn’t include a load of features and so it’s been dismissed as a poor slot. Whilst it’s true that it doesn’t have many features, it’s completely missing the point of what Carnaval is aimed to achieve within the industry. It’s very much seems a started mobile slot for most where players can come in, enjoy stunning graphics and not be overwhelmed by 1,000 paylines, 10 bonus games, a hand full of pick and click options and just generally a bit of a head explode experience.

It’s simplicity personified and for this reason alone it performs very well. There still the wild symbols of which will substitute all symbols except scatters and then the scatters which will act as a multiplier of 2x, 10x and 50x depending on how many you pull up as well.

If it’s free spins and bonus features that you are looking for then you will need to look elsewhere as Carnaval isn’t aimed at you. But if you are looking for a higher maximum spin amount of 45 coins and the chance to consistently win on one of the better looking mobile slots in circulation, then Carnaval will be right up your street.