Burning Desire Mobile Slot Review

Burning Desire Touch Screenshot

The Burning Desire mobile slot is one that will keep you coming back for more and not just from within your loins! This hotly anticipated slot is somewhat a trip back to the old-school from Microgaming, but in this world of fancy  graphical, almost hard to play slots, this is style is actually quite refreshing.

But, this slot comes with a massive twist. There are no paylines! None on the game at all, but you do get a massive 243 ways in which you can win some money. It’s got your standard 5 reels, but what Burning Desire provides is a game where wherever your symbol lands, they will be matched.


This feisty slot may not seem to have much about it first up, but actually it’s one of the more captivating from Microgaming. It sends you back to those now retro days in a smoky Las Vegas casino where you classic slots consisted of bells, bars numbers and your picture cards. There are no fancy graphics in which to speak of for this one but it does come jam packed with character and about as much longevity as you’re going to get from these types of mobile slots.


You’re probably thinking that with all this talk of ‘stripped back’ and ‘classic’ type of slot that Burning Desire is going to fizzle out in terms of features. But alas, there are plenty to keep you occupied.

The wild symbols that you should be looking out for are the heart symbols, and whilst generally in games these only get you so far, in Burning Desire they can actually combine to win you a huge 30,000 coins in one single spin. On top of that they still have the regulatory powers that a wild symbol possesses and these come around fairly often to keep you interested.

The main man in Burning Desire is the scatter symbol as this actually has two uses as you play your way through the game. The first acts a multiplier to any winnings you get from that spin. The more scatters that are on board and in any position, the more you winnings will be multiplied. Alternatively, if you get three or more scatters you will be taken to the free spins round where you will be greeted with 15 spins straight off the bat. Like most Microgaming slots there is a possibility of this number multiplying, although we’ve never actually had more than two lots of the free spin game in one sitting.

As with any Las Vegas casino, there is always a chance to gamble your winnings and this slot has just the ticket. The gamble feature will allow o try and double your money with a simple card game that has win or lose behind it. Obviously, win will double and lose will, well lose your winnings for that spin.