Bullseye Mobile Slot Review (Realistic Games)

bullseye screenshot

Bullseye is one of the most iconic TV series from the 80’s and it’s one of the reasons as to why darts is so popular today. It brought the game to a more accessible audience and from there the sport has gone on from strength to strength. The mobile slot from Endemol leaves a little to be desired in all honesty and its link to the show has arguably been lost.

The slot is probably the height of simplicity in the current market with a 1 payline, 3 reel game type. The lack of features tends to stand out with Bullseye and whilst it does include wild symbols and Bullseye bonuses, this is pretty much where the slot runs its course.


The theme is supposed to be based around the TV show, Bullseye, but for any keen enthusiasts of this 80’s phenomenon with Jim Bowen, the slot will probably leave you scratching your head somewhat. The design is basic, at best. There just not much going on and it’s one of those looks that includes all your pay information around the slot. This is basically because there’s not much else to show. Even the sounds after just a few minutes of play start to become pretty unbearable and will have you hitting mute before long.


You need to be looking out for the darts player to really get to grips with this slot. This is the wild symbol and will substitute all symbols. If you manage to pick up just one it will double that winning payline whereas two wilds, will quadruple any winnings.

The wild also turns out to be the biggest paying symbol and picking up 4 of these will allow you to win the 5,000 jackpot that’s on offer. Please note that you must be playing for three coins a spin to gain this, as this is the maximum you can bet.

There are actually three payline tables depending on how many coins you play per spin. You can only play 1, 2 or 3 coins a spin with, obviously, the more coins yielding the bigger pay-outs.

The game does include a small bonus game of which you will trigger by picking up the spinning dartboard feature on reel 3 of your payline. This will give you the chance to win up to 1,000 coins as the board continues to spin, before stopping on your prize.