Break Da Bank Mobile Slot Review

Break Da Bank Touch Screenshot

The Break Da Bank mobile slot is all about the money – baby! It’s simple its classic, it’s well-designed; it’s just everything that you could want from the modern spin of classic slots that are available on mobile devices these days.

With Break Da Bank you get a trip back in time the 3 reel 5 payline type of slot. There’s no gimmicks, no overly fancy graphics, just a good, honest click and spin kind of slot.


You have to break your way through into the banks safe to find a handsome cash reward. The game in all honesty doesn’t have much of a story behind it, apart from that, but nonetheless provides a good amount of longevity of which we were pretty surprised at. It’s definitely designed to be played on the mobile device whilst on the go. There are no feature games or free spins involved, which does kind of suck but on the flip side, if you are on the go then these almost become a distraction as generally you just want to click and spin.


As mentioned, there aren’t any fancy features to really get your teeth stuck into. Some people will likely have stopped reading when we first reported this, but there is still a market for this kind of game which is why we aren’t really going to criticise it all.

Probably the most interesting thing to learn about the game is that it’s not for the feint hearted or tight bankrolled. Spins start at 5 coins and work their way up to 125 coins if you so wish. It’s the dollar sign that you should be looking out for as this will yield your highest earnings, but also the wild symbol of the Break Da Bank log will add multipliers of either 2x or 4x tour winnings.

There’s little doubt that Break Da Bank will be require a very acquired taste in slots, but we think that this game is one the better classical slots that we have come across, especially if you like your bets to be on the larger side.