Big Top Mobile Slot Review

Big Top Touch Screenshot

Roll up! Roll up! And welcome to the Big Top mobile slot review. This circus themed slots is one of the most colourful from the Microgaming portfolio and will leave make you want to keep coming back to one of the more medium volatility slots in the market.

This slot is pretty much simplicity personified with its 5 reel, 9 payline design. But on the flip side to this is works wondrously well with the mobile screen although the lack of any meaningful action might get a bit tedious after a while. On offer you get a range of both wild symbols and scatters but unfortunately no bonus games of free spins to choose from.


You’d actually be surprised to hear how few circus themed mobile slots there are in circulation at the minute, mainly because there are so many online versions. But Big Top will have you blown away by some of the acts that include snake charmers, elephants on tight ropes, tigers with top hats, clowns and just an all-round colourful slots experience.


The game is probably let down by the number of features on offer to be honest, but it does include wilds that will hold on any payline and also scatters which will multiply your winnings on that payline by the amount in which you have staked.

It’s because of these types of scatters that you will only really get the most out of your game if you are betting within the upper brackets of Big Top. Before we go on, we must mention that min bets start at 2.35 coins whilst max bets hits a healthy 45.00, meaning that this game certainly won’t be appealing to your penny slots players but should attract the higher rollers amongst you.

For the bigger bettors amongst you, the game will offer a higher volatility than most mobile slots but in all honesty, the lack of bonus games almost makes this a requirement more than anything else. There is also a pretty poor 5,00 jackpot on offer which in all honesty isn’t the best, but then is better than none at all.