Bar KING Mad Mobile Slot Review (Alchemy Bet)

barkingmad screenshot

Developers have worked overtime to work those words “bar” and “king” into slots games. Normally it takes the player to some sort of dog pound. Alchemy Bet has gone the other way and actually created a mobile slots game with the King of the Bars. And not the latest and hottest club musician – this fellow is slots royalty.

Bar King Mad is a three-reel slots game with payouts across five paylines. There is a progressive jackpot accumulating in the kingdom and the Bar King has some special treats beyond the simple three-reel one-arm bandits in store for peasants who try his game.


For one thing forget about anybody being mad in this cheerfully drawn slot. Bar King Cuddly might be more appropriate. If you had your doubts about his genial facade the quirky sound effects will settle the matter. The regal ruler is happy to share some of his gold with you and he has created ways for you to get it without relying on the fruits and bars and sevens whirling past you.


In Alchemy Bet’s world there are no ordinary features. Here there is a Super Feature and a Super Duper Feature. The Super Feature is a little game of Hi Lo the King has devised with a bar – he is the Bar King remember – that will bring you even more of his riches if you guess correctly. One false guess, however and you will be banished from the castle.

The Super Duper Feature requires a nine-step trail which you navigate through triggers hidden in the game. Complete the path and you will match wits with crazy king for hidden treasures and jewels and more coins than you can count. There is also a pop up bonus level on 4 where you can battle against the King to relieve him of even more wealth. This Bar King may be mad but he is always willing to lay down a red carpet for a mobile slots player.