Anubis Mobile Slot Review (iGaming2Go)

Anubis Screenshot

The Slovak Republic developer iGaming2go started in business in 2013 with the stated belief that the future of gaming was on mobile devices and it was going to devote all its energies in that arena. So you can expect first rate connectivity and game play across all mobile devices from iGaming2go.

Anubis was one of iGaming2 go’s first mobile slots releases; it is a five-reel spinner with five paylines. There is no progressive jackpot but here is an in-game payout of as high as 1000X and plenty of free spins to chase. There is an Auto Start button to tap to keep the action moving.


iGaming2go may have come out of the starting gate sure-footed on the technology front but it seems to be drifting towards the centre of the track thematically. For its take on ancient Egypt the developers chose Anibus, the jackal-headed god usually linked to mummification and the afterlife. Don’t be too worried that it may seem like a downer because the most important Egyptian god of the dead rarely makes an appearance.

Rather this appears to be the showcase for the very-much living Queen of the Nile who never leaves the screen. Exactly when this temptress is actually doing her living is certainly up for debate. She is pictured in front of a Great Pyramid but her tight jean skirt and top speak to a more recent vintage. She is joined on the reels by a coterie of other Egyptian figures that similarly look to be contemporary gods.


The Queen plays the role of Wild in this Egyptian time warp. She replaces all the other symbols except the Scatter, symbolized by a bejewelled scarab. When she arranges a win with her lowly subjects she engages in a decidedly un-royal like manner and starts blowing kisses.

Anubis makes his entrance during a Free Spins Bonus that is triggered by three or more of those sparkly scarabs. The number of free spins are a mystery hidden beneath a bed of stones but there can be as many as 18 free games in store. Anibus calculates your wins during the bonus play and slaps a multiplier on them from the great beyond.

Anibus offers a Gamble feature where you can take you most recent winnings and double it up on the turn of a card. Correctly guess red or black and you can take the gamble up to five times. Maybe a better guessing game would have been what century you are playing in.