Ace of Spades Mobile Slot Review (Play'n Go)

Ace of Spades Screenshot

Who hasn’t walked out of a casino with a few coins in the pocket and rather than lugging them back to the hotel room just dropped them in a slot machine for a spin? You don’t care about any fancy bonus round or a boatload of free games – you just want to figure out immediately if you won or lost and move on. That is what Ace of Spades from Play’n Go is all about – a quick and easy game starring the Death Card that stands ready to destroy the last of your coins.

Ace of Spades is a classic three-reel, single payline mobile slots game. It is also a fixed wager game so you can bet one, two or three units at one unit each. There are no progressive jackpots, no bonus rounds, no scatters, no free spins.


The theme is gambling. The reels deal the cards and three-of-a-kind and a straight collect. All of the symbols are playing card values, save for the four-leaf clover that has muscled its way into the deck as a minor player.


The only thing that separates Ace of Spades from being a what-you-see-is-what you get slot is the Ace of Spades symbol that is Wild and substitutes for any other symbol in forging a winning combination. That win is also doubled with the Ace of Spades.

Two Ace of Spades quadruple your win and three return the maximum of 625 coins, which is a quarter of the jackpot Play’n Go offers for its online version.

For all handheld players except the most diehard of classic slots fans Ace of Spades will be good for a few quick spins waiting for your next appointment, the equivalent of not wanting to walk out of the pub with a coin burning a hole in your pocket.