A Night Out Mobile Slot Review

A Night Out Touch Screenshot

A Night Out is the perfect slot to get you in the mood to hit the town with your friends. It allows you to enjoy a host of cocktails, dance the night away and even meet a number of more than accommodating ladies. Interestingly enough, for those who are familiar with the online version, you will notice a couple of differences with the mobile format, none more so than the reduced minimum and maximum bet.

A Night Out enjoys a healthy 5 reel, 20 line pay out on what’s fast becoming the bench mark for the majority of PlayTech slots. On top of that you can enjoy a number of in-game features such as wild symbols, scatters and even a lucrative free spins round.


The theme of this mobile slot is all about having a good time and getting ready to hit the town with your friends. Admittedly, it looks like its targeted more towards the male gender as you are frequently asked to choose from a line of ladies looking to have a good time with you. If only life were so simple!

In terms of aesthetics, A Night Out performs reasonably well, although some of the graphics look a little dated as you work your way through the game. It hands down beats a comparably poor effort from a mobile slot that we recently reviewed in the same theme.


The free spins section is undoubtedly the main feature from A Night Out and it’s here where you will be getting your biggest pay days. You first need to get the bar man symbol on the first and fifth reel of the game before then being taken to the bar to peruse a line-up of, susceptibly looking females. Once you’ve picked your weapon of choice, you will then have to buy her a drink before the result of this drink will then inform you of your multiplier. You will receive between 2x and 10x your bet amount depending on who you pick.

The wild symbols are that of the beer glass, of which work as part of any reel and payline, if required. The best thing about them though is that if you manage to get 5 of a kind of said wilds, then you will receive a pay day of 10,000 times your bet amount. Nice!

The whole slot has a little tongue in cheek about it to be honest and after a reasonable amount of time playing on it, we can see that it doesn’t take itself too seriously at all, and nor should you. First impressions weren’t good on the slot, we will be honest, but in reality, looking underneath the poor graphics and cringing bonus rounds, it’s actually a very lucrative slot to be playing on.