5x Magic Mobile Slot Review (Play'n Go)

5x Magic Screenshot

This is a classic mobile slots game from Play’n Go with a few tricks up its sleeve. In numerology the numeral 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is an unpredictable maverick, always in motion and constantly demanding of change. An apt selection for any slots manufacturer or was Play’n Go only guided by the number of paylines?

5X Magic is a 3-reel slot with the aforementioned five ways to win. Play can take place on from one to five lines and the amount wagered on each line can be adjusted up to a maximum of 25 coins per play. Values of the coins range from 0.10 to 1.00 units. There is no progressive jackpot. There are no bonus rounds or free spins to break the magician’s spell.


The 5X Magic show is on the bill at some classic opera house somewhere with massive red curtains, braided in gold. The only character we meet is the nimble-fingered magician and his only prop is a top hat.


Besides the assemblage of bars this classic mobile slots game only has three symbols in play. The Magician himself is the most coveted in basic play as three on a payline returns 50x your stake.

The Top Hat is the Scatter and any two results in a 2X multiplier. Three jump your winnings by 25X.

The real magic in 5X Magic comes with the X5 Wild. it matches any other symbol on an active payline and if it creates a win will pay five times the stake. Two X5 Wild are an automatic winner and pays 25X your bet. Should you conjure up three X5s the jackpot depends on which payline they are strung across. The diagonals pay 4000X or 5000X and the horizontals pay 2,500X, 3000X or 4,000X.

Of course, the numeral 5 is also known to be extremely independent and a bit of an adventurer that is hard to corral in one place at the same time so you may have to rely on quite a bit of magic to make these X5s pay off.